Pumpkin Pretzels


So easy and so delicious, if you like white chocolate and pretzel that is (but WHO doesn’t??)

As Halloween approaches, we like to get ready by making everything pumpkin.  Pumpkin crafts, pumpkin foods, pumpkin clothes, and craving pumpkins.  So I thought today would be the perfect day for Maddox and I to sit down and make these while Raleigh and Sawyer slept.

First things first, go and gather your supplies.
We used:
Almond White Chocolate Bar (substitute with white choc. chips)
1Tbs Shortening
Food coloring Gel
M&Ms (we used Mini)
Sprinkles- last minute add by Maddox

IMG_0145-1 IMG_0147-1

After you have your supplies ready, now the fun begins.  First you need to melt your white chocolate, you’ll want to add the shortening.  If you leave that out be prepared for grainy or just weird melted chocolate.  Don’t believe me?  Well do it your own way then! I have a nice small crockpot that is perfect size for melting, so I choose to use that.  But you can melt it however you’d like, or what is easiest for you.

I gave the job of separating out the GREEN M&Ms to Maddox.  It was a wonderful job for his tiny fingers while I got the chocolate done.

IMG_0150-1 IMG_0153-1

When Maddox was done we got all of the supplies in a “construction” line.  Maddox dipped one pretzel then decided he didn’t want his fingers all messy, so he asked to place stems and add (LOTS) of sprinkles to them..

FINISHED pretzels:

So yummy, cute, and FUN!!
Some we covered fully, and others not as much which left us with “Pumpkin Faces”



I’m BACK……



My 1st blog post in FOREVER, should be an exciting time.  But as I write this first post I feel nervous about even doing this.  It’s a sad feeling to just not know, or to feel like you’d be judged.  But oh well, I’m jumping in and doing it anyways.

Brown Haus Kids blog will be a bit of everything, just like it was before.  I have 4 wonderful and beautiful children that I will share, and share often.  I’m a proud MOM.  Just think, last post was when I just had Krayden and Maddox!!   I also love to craft, bake, and do anything fun with my kids, Stitch Fix will also be present!  I’ve just received my 1st Fix, so I will be posting all about my experience (which was GREAT).

To start I’ll share a little about me and my family of 6.  We live in IL, right on the state line.  We’ve lived here for about 2yrs now, and before this we were in KY, NC, and IN.  My husbands job tends to move us around a bit. But, who doesn’t love an adventure and constantly packing up our family of 6? (Do you sense the sarcasm there?)  As I said before, I have 4 kids: Krayden is my oldest 6, Maddox 4, Raleigh 2, and Sawyer 10 month, TODAY!  Krayden just had his 6th birthday party this past Saturday, so I’ll be sure to share a post all about his “Camp Krayden”.

I truly hope you enjoy following me and joining in the crazy fun that my family is!


Here is an updated family photo:

The Family

My husband, Toby and kids, Krayden, Maddox, Raleigh, and Sawyer