It’s Winesday!


Happy Wednesday everyone.  Today I’ll share a wine of choice along with every Wednesday after this.  Today’s wine choice is Dr. Franks Salmon Run Chardonnay.  If you haven’t tried this it should be on your list.  I will include the details on this wine later in the post.  This is the bottle that I will be serving with dinner tonight and I’ve been saving it for almost 3yrs now.  I bought it when friends of mine got married in Keuka, NY.  Ever since going I have the urge to go back and buy more.  Now if your lucky you’ll be able to purchase on-line.  But for me, they don’t ship to my state.  But if your looking for a great vacation I say head to Keuka Lake, NY rent a house on the beautiful lake and go wine tasting!  Heck, even rent a limo that way you don’t have to worry and can go to all the winery’s the beautiful state has to offer!

So now, I’m sure I don’t have any followers, but if by chance I do.  Please tell me what your favorite wine for Wednesday is.

The 2009 bottling presents the green gold hue typical of cool-climate Chardonnay.  The floral and fruity bouquets of this wine, with mineral and toasty elements, are in harmony with this style of Chardonnay.

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  1. Hey! I get to be your first comment!

    Not a wine drinker at all so I can’t leave my fave for ya. Sorry!

    But love the layout! I had this one for a while until I found my new on lol! Have fun in the blogging world!

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