Karing for Keegan Fundraiser


I’m sure not all of you have heard of this, but still I want to let as many people as I can know about this great cause.  If you are new–let me share his story with you.

Keegan was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just months old.  His parents have been on a roller coaster as they have treated the cancer, thought they beat it, only to have it return.  He is now 2 and at his most recent MRI check-up it was discovered his cancer had spread throughout his brain and spine.  The doctors said there is nothing more they can do.  They sent the family home with Hospice care.

I can’t even imagine what Beth and her family much be going thru and feeling as this is all happening.  Currently the family is looking into alternative forms of cancer treatments.  However, none of these forms are covered by insurance.

And this is why I write here and come to my readers.  Please check out their blog and read more on their story.  Karing for Keegan also has a Facebook page with fundraising efforts going one.  Please check this out and send it on to your friends.


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