Making Your Freezer Count


Making the Most of Your Freezer:

1. Make-Ahead Meals These are great for nights when you have to work late, have a baseball practice or a soccer game to get to or when you have nothing in the fridge.

2. Your Garden All those herbs your planted.  The freezer is a wonderful place to store them until it’s time to use them.  It will keep them fresh and make sure you get the most out of all your hard gardening work.

3. Sale MeatProperly stored meats can be stored for up to a year successfully.  This makes stocking up on discounted and sale prices a no-brainer.  Or better yet, this allows you to buy in bulk.  Then you can separate yourself and saving more money in the long run.

If you’re wondering how long foods can be stored for,  Still Tasty  provides a wonderful list of how the properly packed goods/foods will keep in your freezer.

Common Time Table
Fresh fruits and vegetables: 1 year
Fresh meat: 1 year
Uncooked casseroles: 2-3 months
Cooked casseroles: 2-3 months

**So with all this said, make the most of your weekend and end up ahead in the long run.  Use your time wisely, if your planning on making Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight, make a double batch and freeze it.  That way your set with little to no prep next time your feeling hungry!  You can even freeze your baked goods.  I usually make cookies once a month in bulk and then freeze in smaller ziplock bags.  Then you can have sweet treats whenever.   I sure hope this information was helpful and if you have any great freezer meals please share them with me.





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      • It is easy to get hooked and it is a lot of fun! I was thinking about this post today as I was steaming some pumpkins to put in the freezer. I recently found a yummy recipe for pumpkin smoothie. I think I am going to be doing some kind of post about eating pumpkins and including some of my favorite recipes.

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