Cloth Diaper Monday


Happy Monday!

I’ve decided since one of the many things I love is Cloth Diapers I should do a post about them.  And maybe Monday should be my CD post day.  We shall see…I only have a few different types, but I’m always looking to try out more!  ***SO, if you happen to be reading my blog and need a tester let me know!!***

Today’s diaper will be a WAHM diaper: MightyDiapers  and here is her Henya Cart

Front View

-Super-soft pink anti-pill fleece inner
-Woven cotton outer
-Hidden Waterproof PUL
-Turned and edge-stitched all the way around
– One size fold-over rise fits most babies 10-35 pounds
– 18 inch rise
-100% bamboo tri-fold soaker
-All materials pre-washed in Cloth-friendly detergent

Some great info on her 100% Bamboo Tri-fold soaker:
As you probably already know, bamboo and cloth diapers go hand-in-hand. After working with bamboo fleece, velour, and jersey, I found that my absolute favorite soaker material is bamboo flannel. It’s incredibly absorbent and so, so soft against baby’s skin. It can hold a ton of liquid and never get that “wet” feel.  I find that some babies need more width in the back, or more layers in the front, and with this style you can customize the soaker to fit your baby’s needs. Tri-fold soakers also dry faster, since the layers are not all sewn into a stack. They can also be used on newborns/smaller infants in the same way you’d use a pre-fold.

Back View

With all this I must say this is a diaper I would LOVE to have more of. (Now to convince DH)  Not only is it great for my SUPER soaker son.  But it’s so cute on the tush.  My youngest son Maddox is the one that gets to wear this, and he wears if often.  I never have to worry about a rash or this diaper leaking.  MightyDiapers keep it all in and keeps my boy feeling dry.  One of my favorite features of this diaper is the snap cross over closure.  It fits Maddox secure and I can rest assured knowing that Mr. Sneaky won’t be able to get this diaper off like he has with many other aplix closures.  And you can’t beat the print right?!  Haha.. Okay I know…it may not be for everyone.  But she offers many different customized diapers, and diapers with matching dresses.  I encourage you all to go and check her out!

And one final photo of the diaper in use.  This is my older son Krayden.  He is 2yrs old, potty trained, and 30 lbs so this lets you know it fits when the get big too!  But little Maddox is a sleep so it had to go on someone for you all to see.

Krayden Showing of MightDiapers

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  1. We don’t use cloth diapers (daycare won’t allow them) but I do use them as burp cloths. Incredibly handy with a LO who has a long-range reflux issue. I really wish we were able to use the cloth ones, though. Seventh Generation is the most environmentally responsible ones we could find.

  2. I enjoy seeing and hearing about all the different diapers out there and love your detail discriptions of these kinds. I would love to be abel to make my own but will settle with what I have for now. I use mother-ease, fuzzibuns, Bum Genius and smartipants. The mother-ease are my favorites for all the time and fuzzibuns are a great overnight diaper!

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