Play Time


Today at the Brown house it was all about fun.  We started our day off with the usual breakfast, then went straight on to kid play.  My older son wanted to finger paint.  So , that’s just what we did.  Maddox and Krayden probably spent close to an hour in their high chairs just finger painting away.  Of course they had to try the paint too.  Thank goodness it’s none toxic!  So I will share my boys pictures and our finger painting craft from today.  After all was done I decided that these would be perfect to make into a birthday card for my Grandma, their Great-Grandma’s 87th Birthday.  I’m sure that she will cherish these as much as I would. 

Both Krayden and Maddox were fully covered in paints when we they were done.  But they had a blast!  And really what Mom can say no to messiness when it’s fun!




Of course after all the messy time there had to be a bath.  And when you have a bath it can’t just be any bath.  So I decided to make Water Beads for them to play with.  And oh, what a time they had.  If you’ve never played with water beads.  Or, should I say, if your kids have never played with water beads then you need to get some ASAP!  For about $2.00 you’ll have hours and days of fun.  These “bubbles” as Krayden calls them is all he will talk about for hours after we put them away.  The bath tub is a great place to play with them when it’s cold outside or rainy.  Usually we place the “bubbles” into his water table and play outside with them.

Here is a picture of the boys with their “Bubbles”.  


Water Bead Size

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  1. Water beads can be found at walmart in the floral department. They come in a small package and the beads are tiny tiney! You just soak them in water to make them expand! They are soo much fun. You can dry them out if you want too in a seperate container to use for later!

  2. What a fun idea! I wouldn’t put them in when Savannah is in the tub because she still puts anything and everything into her mouth, but Connor would have a blast!

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