Just Call Me Sous Chef


Krayden loves to cook, no question about it.  So rather than fight it I take the high road and let him do it “By himself” as he says.  Does this mean a mess?  YES!!  But really, I don’t mind.  What better way to let my child learn and explore.  So I try to indulge him in his love of baking and cooking at least a few times a week.  At every dinner making session I’m now the sous chef.  If I need to make a dessert or loaf of banana bread (which I’m showing today) then I’m the sous chef.

Ready to Cook

 So, it’s now time to begin.  Now remember Krayden is 2yr old.  He just turned 2 at the end of September  so he can’t read.  He points and ask me what he needs to do, then I show him what he needs and he does it to the best of his abilities.  Since I’m not quite ready to let him chop with a knife I’ve started letting him use our Ninja.  If you haven’t used a Ninja before, they are WONDERFUL!!  I can actually feel like he is safe when getting the nuts chopped for “Krayden’s Banana Bread”

Using the Ninja

If you’ve never let you child cook in the kitchen or even help you, I hope this post inspires you!  I can’t even begin to tell or even show you with pictures how much Krayden loves everything that he can do.  And then when the product is finish he gleams with pride knowing that he did it!

Do our meals or treats always turn out great?  NO!  But he thinks so, so in the end so do I.  Nothing can replace his feeling of confidence like this.  And as long as he’s happy cooking ( and we aren’t dying from the cooking) I’ll continue to let him be the lead chef and I’ll step back and be the sous chef.


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