I’ll Have My CAKE And Eat It Too


I’ll have my cake and eat it too!!

This “should” have been the theme to my son’s 1st Birthday party.  We had Maddox’s 1st birthday on December 31st.  And what a fun time we had.  I am going to share the fun with you all with pictures.. Because there isn’t a better way to explain than that.

The Cake:

The Birthday Boy:

The Presents:

The CAKE Session:

Overall I’d say Maddox had a GREAT 1st Birthday Party!!!

And I’d say he had his cake and he ate it too!

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  1. He got a Jumpolene? My oldest daughter got one a few years ago, she loves it! (Unfortunately, our house is too small to really use it! ha ha) Glad he had a great birthday. 🙂

    • Vicky- Acutally he just got the balls to go in it!! We bought the Jumpolene in August for Krayden and both boys LOVE it!! We are lucky that our basement works out great for this so it doesn’t really have to come down!!

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