Vendors Needed!


BrownHausKids is currently looking for vendors for our 1000 Fan Giveaway/Auction.  If you are interested or know someone who would be please email us!!

 Each vendor can enter up to 6 items in the auction.  I will need to have pictures, Starting bid, Increments, and Shipping cost.

 Anyone that bids on your items MUST like your page in order to win.  We are also excepting items for a giveaway.  You DO NOT have to do both but we would LOVE it if you choice too.

 Giveaway items must to TOTALLY FREE! Even shipping is free for US Residents.  You can however charge for out of country shipping.   Also, if you choose to enter a gift certificate that is GREAT!  But please do not put huge limitations on the prize.  Any an all items are going to be excepted.  And I encourage you to share this email with other vendors you thing might want in!

 Please share this Auction/Giveaway on your page a few time throughout the week.  It’s the only way for this to be a HUGE success!

  I hope to hear back from you soon!!


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