You read that correct!  There are tons of deals, auctions, and giveaways going on now.  BrownHausKids is in them too!  So if you’ve ever wanted to try our products now would be a great time to do so!

Below is a list of the Auction and Giveaways Going on NOW:!/photo.php?fbid=280188638700879&set=a.280188608700882.81921.211025148950562&type=3&theater
(Click above Link to enter)

DG Promos & Giveaways!/photo.php?fbid=310484865664073&set=a.310484828997410.68986.296457097066850&type=3&theater
(Click link to enter)!/photo.php?fbid=322407387810867&set=a.322407241144215.96276.237721789612761&type=3&theater
(Click link to enter)!/photo.php?fbid=332261296796227&set=a.332261283462895.77162.219928714696153&type=3&theater
(Click Link to Enter)


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