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Rockin’ Green!


Guess who’s going to be doing a Rockin’ Green review and possible giveaway??!!  ME!!  Just got my review product in the mail today!! I’m so excited to be able to try this product that I’ve heard so much about.  Then being able to share my experiences with you.

That being said, has anyone ever used Rockin’ Green?  What’s your favorite scent?  Oh I’m excited!!
Sorry my post is so short today, but it’s truly a Manic Monday around here!!  I’ll update more when I’ll be having the review/possible giveaway.


CD Monday: Bugga Bugga Boutique


Today’s diaper is another WAHM: Bugga Bugga Boutique and here is her Henya cart.

These diapers are another great choice if your’re looking for something to hold up to your super pee’er.  Maddox is a super pee’er and I need something that I can rely on when it comes to nap time and night-time.  And this Bugga Bugga Boutique WAHM diapers is just that.

Action Shot

-Hidden PUL and in inner of anti-pill fleece keeps the cotton print outer from wicking, keeping your baby dry and comfortable.

-The soaker is a snap in soaker composed of 6 layers (in a 2 petal design) of super absorbent bamboo fleece, and hip snap covers are also included for when your child in on larger waist settings leaving the innermost studs exposed.

-Bamboo fleece in now to be called Viscose from bamboo, same awesome 70 bamboo/30 cotton blend milled in the USA.

-Fits children from approximately 7lbs to 40+lbs.

I love my shamrock print Bugga Bugga Boutique diaper.  Not only is it cute on the bum, but it’s not too bulky.  The diaper on my son Maddox (pictured) is an AI2.  What that means is these diapers are All in Ones that allow for the removal of the inner soaker material, the part that absorbs.  Which in turn makes cleaning and drying much faster. When the two separate parts are paired, they form one diaper.

Butt Shot

Overall, this beautiful WAHM diaper is a great buy.  It not only cute but it gets the job done at the same time.  It has a snap closure that securely fits around your baby.  Leaving no gaps or escape route for poo.

 If you’re looking for a diaper you can count on, mark Bugga Bugga Boutique diapers on your must buy list.