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Krayden is a SUPER BABY!!

Or, at least he thinks he’s some sort of super man/baby/toddler.  Either way he has fun and it’s so funny to watch him pretend.  On that note, this afternoon I thought I’d make him a Super Cape.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to use then I started to search for capes online.  And my GOSH they are expensive!! Anywhere from 20-30 bucks!!  Do these people NOT HAVE BOYS???  Or do they not know that these capes are going to be worn and played in?

Either way that’s just too much darn money to spend on something like that.  So back to the drawing board.  I have tons of fabric, cause well I really like to sew and make crafts so I just knew I could figure this out.  Then I thought, my husbands shirts might work!  And we all know he has 100’s of extra shirts that he doesn’t even wear.  So I got to cutting and it worked out PERFECT!!  Then I just grabbed some extra plain colored fabric scraps for the K-MAN on back.  It’s great!!  After nap Krayden is going to LOVE this.  I will try to get action shots for you!!

Super Cape!