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Birthday Boy!


Happy Birthday to my little boy Maddox!!

He’s 1 today and I truly can’t believe just how fast this year has gone.  So this post is dedicated to him and his 1st year of life.  For those that have children you know just how special their time with you is.  So here are a few pictures from Maddox’s life thus far.

Here is Mommy and I meeting:

Mommy and I meeting

Maddox at about 3 Months:

3 Months Old

Maddox at about 6 Months:

6 Months Old

Maddox at 9 Months playing with Krayden:

9 Months

Maddox last night of being 11 Months:

Almost My Birthday!!

And this morning:  as you can see we are on the go and Mommy can’t get a very good shot!

Birthday Boy

 So, Happy Birthday To You.  Happy Birthday To You.  Happy Birthday Dear Maddox, Happy Birthday To You~!


Wordless Thursday??


So I know, most bloggers do Wordless Wednesday.  But I’ve got things to talk about on Wednesday so I’m going to do Thursdays.  Anyone with me?

My Boys:

Hand over the Chessy Puffs and Nobody Gets Hurt!