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What You SHOULD and SHOULDN’T Buy Organic


Recently I’ve started to buy more organic foods.  However, I do notice that the price it quite a bit higher than non-organic.  Which IMO just doesn’t seem right.  Every study out there shows that you should eat healthier, yet the make it harder and more expensive to do so.

I found on that they have a  shopper’s guide to pesticides.  There are actually some foods that are pretty safe if you choose not to buy them organic.  But there are also certain vegetables out there that you might want to re-think about before purchasing non-organic.  I know next time I go to the store I’ll be picking up the more organics, and hopefully this short list will help make your organic shopping easier.

Buy Organic
1. Celery

2. Peaches

3. Strawberries

4. Apples

5. Blueberries

6. Nectarines

7. Bell Peppers

8. Spinach

9. Kale

10. Cherries

11. Potatoes

12. Grapes

The Better Non-Organic Options
1. Onions

2. Avocado

3. Sweet Corn

4. Pineapple

5. Mangos

6. Sweet Peas

7. Asparagus

8. Kiwi

9. Cabbage

10. Eggplant

11. Cantaloupe

12. Watermelon

13. Grapefruit

14. Sweet Potato

15. Honey Dew Melon