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Epsom Fun


Sorry I’ve been missing for a while.  But I’m back now and I’ll share our fun from this morning in the Brown house.

Krayden and I decided that we needed to add some colored epsom salt to play with in our playroom.  So here it is, however, I should say Krayden making the colored salt.  As some of you know from earlier posts, if we are in the kitchen I do nothing.  It’s Krayden’s world!!

What We Needed

Now on to get everything ready to make our colored salts

All Ready Mom

Next you need to add your food coloring.  For our two colors today Krayden chose “Blue and Purple”

Now, on to the best part in Krayden’s world.  STIRRING!!  And Making a mess while doing so!!  I think I should have picked a bigger bowl!  Oh well!!


And finally our finished product


 And you might be thinking….what is he going to do with this now that he’s done??  Well the short answer to that is have FUN.

But this is a new addition to our playroom in the basement.  These two colors we made today will give hours of fun and imagery play for Krayden and Maddox.  I will place in it sensory bins on day and they can dig, play with, ect.   Here are a few more ideas as well:

But for my kids I know the favorite thing will be to scoop with their shovels into other containers.  And trust me, they will be doing this all afternoon!