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Todays Wine:  Turning Leaf Sweet Resling


Why did I choose this you ask?  Well, I chose it due to it’s flavor and it’s paring.  Thanksgiving is next week and this is the perfect pumpkin pie matching wine.   Light-bodied with fresh tropical and citrus tangerine notes, and hints of apple and lychee.  This wine has a very sweet taste with a nice crisp finish.  I defintnly put this in my dessert wine catergory.  However, I love to also sip on this wine by its self.  And want to know the best part of this all??  At an average cost of $5.99 a bottle, you can’t help but love it!

I don’t just think it’s good, so do others.  And to prove it, here are the awards Turning Leaf have won:

DOUBLE GOLD, 2008 Turning Leaf

2010 Jerry Mead’s New World International Wine Competition

DOUBLE GOLD, 2008 Turning Leaf Cabernet

2010 Florida State Fair

GOLD, 2008 Turning Leaf Merlot.

2010 San Francisco International Wine Competition

DOUBLE GOLD, 2008 Turning Leaf White

2010 Pacific Rim Wine Competition

88 Pts, “Best Buy”, Turning
Leaf – 2009 Pinot Grigio.

Wine Enthusiast, November 2010

86 Pts, “Best Buy”, Turning
Leaf – 2008 Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine Enthusiast, November 2010

84 Pts, “Best Buy”, Turning
Leaf – 2008 Riesling.

Wine Enthusiast, November 2010


Winesday 2nd Edition


Well its Wednesday again, and as you all know that means it’s WINESDAY at the Brown’s house.

Maso Canali

 This wine originated on the 17-acre, family-owned Maso Canali Vineyard in Trentino, Italy. The Canali family has lived on the estate for over 500 years, and has been planting Pinot Grigio grapes there since 1893. Because the Maso Canali vineyard is 500 meters above sea level, the soil has a special mineral concentration, which adds character to the wine. The fruit from this vineyard is so distinctive that in ancient times, armed guards watched over the vineyard day and night. The fruit for the 2009 vintage was drawn from this estate and other carefully chosen sources in the premier growing region of Trentino.

This in my opinion is a great everyday wine.  It’s not only great tasting but very affordable too!  Which is why we can usually have this bottle around our house so often.  Maso Canali is a great bottle of just lounging around with on a lazy day or pairing with an exquisite meal your planning for you loved one.  My personal favorite way to enjoy this bottle is on a nice cool fall afternoon in a rocking chair, on my front porch watching my two boys rolling and playing in the grass.

If any of my readers have tried this or something similar I’d love to hear what you thought.  And I’d also hearing about other wines that you consider to be a must try!