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We had a Christmas last night and boy oh boy did my kids get toys!!  They liked them all but one they LOVED:  TOBBLES

These things are amazing and fun for both boys!

Six spheres nest inside each other, each a different weight allowing for endless configurations. Deconstruct your tower and watch the pieces wobble. Flip the spheres upside down and build it all over again.  Spin the pieces round and round, stack by size, weight or color the possibilities are endless.  Little hands will delight in the never-ending discovery of Tobbles.  The wobbling motion of each piece encourages a sense of touch while stacking the spheres high to form colorful creations will develop hand-eye coordination with the added bonus of discovering balance.  An acute sense of visual spatial awareness develops as children quickly discover color and size sequence as they explore the many ways Tobbles can be stacked and balanced.  Tobbles is at home in the board room, too!  A design-savvy conversation piece that will provide hours of abstract fun on any desk. Ages 1 and up. WATCH THE VIDEO: http://youtu.be/DgdTII8d3ng

I’m so glad the my MIL bought them early, because as I’ve shared my fun people have been looking around and they are SOLD OUT!!

If you happen to get your hands on one buy it and buy it quick!! It is wonderful!

Here are my boys enjoying their new “learning” toy

And Maddox trying to knock them down again